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Providing consulting services and  training to various fields for engineering applications (Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electronics, Automobile, etc.) , additive manufacturing, Solar Energy, SolarPV system, Oil and gas, Biotechnology, Renewable and Alternative energy (Solar, Wind & Bioenergy), Internal combustion, Aerospace & Automotive, High performance computing:

🔶 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
🔶 Simulation & Modeling
🔶 Process Equipments design
🔶 Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
🔶 Solar cells (SolarPV design)
🔶 Reacting-flows
🔶 Combustion
🔶 Missiles/Hypersonics
🔶 Renewable energy areas (Solar, Wind, Bioenergy)
🔶 Computational medicine
🔶 Additive manufacturing
🔶 Climate modelling
🔶 High-performance computing (HPC) sectors
🔶 Softwares training (OpenFOAM, ANSYS, Matlab, etc.)
🔶 Cloud Computing (AWS)
🔶 Machine Learning (ML)
🔶 Data Science

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