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🔶 Ph.D. degree in fluid flow, fluid dynamics, chemical engineering and bioenergy with a strong modeling background.
🔶 Deep understanding of fluid flow and expert in simulating single and multiphase flow.
🔶 Experience in numerical simulation of complex flow configurations and optimize the process.
🔶 Proficiency in open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics software packages like OpenFOAM.
🔶 OpenFoam is written in C++ and I have carried out various projects using OpenFOAM.
🔶 Python script is used to performed numerical simulations in OpenFOAM.
🔶 Capable of UDF writing using C++ for Ansys Fluent and used it in my research projects.
🔶 Matlab script is writing for image processing during my research projects.
🔶 Capable of writing code using Fortran90 and it is use my climate modeling projects.
🔶 High Performance Computing tools (HPC): Knowledge of OpenMP, MPI, Clusters (AWS).
🔶 Experience of script languages i.e shells.
🔶 Knowledge of gmake, cmake, Intel, gcc.
🔶 Proficiency in image processing using Matlab.
🔶 Experience of shell and tube heat exchanger design.
🔶 Experience of process equipment design.
🔶 Mathematical Modeling, Simulations & Modeling.
🔶 Analytical & Technical Analysis.

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