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🔶 Programming: Fortran90, C, C++, Python, NCL;
🔶 Script languages: shells;
🔶 Compilers’ tools: Knowledge of gmake, cmake, Intel, gcc;
🔶 High Performance Computing tools (HPC): Knowledge of OpenMP, MPI, Clusters;
🔶 Platforms: Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu frequently used)/Microsoft Windows;
🔶 Tools : LaTeX, MS Office , CFD-Post and MATLAB;
🔶 Simulations : OpenFOAM, ANSYS (Fluent, CFX), ANSYS Discovery Live, and Aspen;
🔶 Modelling : DesignModeler, SpaceClaim, ICEM-CFD, SolidWorks, CATIA, Salome;
🔶 Experimental : Knowledge of various experiments techniques related to fluid flow analysis;
🔶 Other Open Sources: ParaView, snappyHexMesh, Gmsh, cfMesh, Scilab, Octave, MFIX, Gnuplot, FreeCAD, CESM.

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