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Teaching & Academics

🔶 OpenFOAM Intermediate
🔶 OpenFOAM essential course
🔶 OpenFOAM programming from A to Multi region
🔶 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
🔶 Advanced CFD Coding Techniques using C++ (Object Oriented)
🔶 HVAC Psychrometry, Air Handling System and Duct Selection
🔶 OpenFOAM: From Modeling to Programming
🔶 Beginning Fortran for Science and Engineering Students
🔶 OpenFOAM CFD - Theories and Practical Applications
🔶 Pump and Motor Basics, Selection and Optimization
🔶 Pressure Vessel Fabrication -Mechanical Engineering, Oil&Gas
(working on )
🔶 German Language A1: Learn German For Beginners!
🔶 Complete Spanish Course: Learn Spanish Language | Beginners
🔶 Learn Basic Chinese - Speak Chinese Mandarin (Level 1)
🔶 German A2 - German for advanced beginners
🔶 German B1 - Intermediate German

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